Suzuki Salesmen Get Commissions In Form of Plastic

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Salesmen for American Suzuki Motor Corp. are no longer being paid commission checks.

Instead, the company has turned to an an increasingly popular form of payment and is now using stored value cards from Ecount ( to pay out incentives.

Both companies are reporting that the new payment method cuts costs and provides instant gratification.

Instead of waiting weeks to receive paper checks that must be cashed or deposited, Suzuki salespeople can now access their funds through a MasterCard-branded card within five to 10 business days after the vehicle is reported sold to Suzuki. Suzuki said it now pays 20% less per payout through Ecount cards. Salespeople can immediately spend the commissions stored on the Suzuki-branded cards anywhere MasterCard debit cards are accepted, or withdraw the funds from an ATM.

Suzuki reported that previously its backoffice staff was also spending significant time attempting to locate or reissue commission checks that salesmen had either not received or misplaced.

Ecount provides a website so that cardholders can track their commissions, spending and transaction history. The Ecount website also links to, where car salespeople can view information about time-sensitive sales promotions.

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