'Takeover Bandits' Terrorize Rural TexasCUs and Banks

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TYLER, Texas - (03/10/06) -- Police believe a two violent robberswho hit First State Bank in Palestine are the same ones responsiblefor recent hold-ups at five other area institutions, including twocredit unions. The First State Bank robbers had similar 'M.O.'s' asthose in the other robberies; they leaped over the teller counters,rifled through the cash drawers, then escaped in stolen vehicles,police said. The pair, called the Takeover Bandits by police, arebelieved responsible for armed robberies at Kelly FCU, in Tyler,and East Texas Professional CU, as well as at Austin Bank, CitizensState Bank and Bank of America. In each case, the robbers stolegetaway cars a day before the robbery, then abandoned them invarious locations afterwards. All of them also occurred early inthe morning, with no customers present.

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