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3 CUs Pick Teres For Indirect

AUSTIN, Texas-Three credit unions have selected indirect lending software from Teres Solutions, Inc. IBM Texas Employees FCU, Lockheed Georgia Employees' FCU, and United Heritage Credit Union all are adopting the Software Application for Integrated LendingIndirect product. SAIL Indirect is a Web-based technology that resides within a credit union's infrastructure and which integrates with all major credit union core systems and credit bureaus, and features an intuitive user dashboard. The company said SAIL Indirect was developed specifically to reduce the time it takes credit union staff to review loan applications, request and review credit reports, enter data into core systems, make lending decisions and quickly respond to dealers and members. For info:

WebMRM Drives Cross-Sales

MONTEREY PARK, Calif.-Cross-sales have risen substantially at F&A Federal Credit Union following the deployment of a single-channel CRM technology called WebMRM.

"The ROI (Return-On- Investment) model prepared by the (aaBeck) projected 91 various loan and checking products would be sold in the first quarter after release. We thought it was possible, but aggressive," said Michael Harden, COO at F&A. "Needless to say we were surprised and pleased that 129 new loan and checking accounts have been opened because of WebMRM in that time period."

WebMRM was developed by Illinois-based aaBeck Technology Group and is designed to use a credit union's MCIF and member transaction data. WebMRM analyzes and automatically selects the offers to which a member is likely to respond, it said. "It then rotates the chosen offers to that member when he or she visits the credit union's website." For info:

RiskTracker AML Is Released

CHURCHTON, Md.-BANKDetect, which focuses on loss prevention and compliance for financial institutions, has released RiskTracker AML. The company said the new application is an expanded version of its RiskTracker system and will focus on identifying anti-money laundering (AML) risk and other suspicious activity. It can be customized for individual CU needs, is designed to analyze virtually any type of transaction for which data can be provided for compliance.

For info:

Internet Member Access Debuts

VISTA, Calif.-Bluepoint Solutions, a provider of document management solutions, has introduced Internet Member Access (IMA), a replacement for stand-alone e-statement products.

IMA provides members with Internet-based access to any document stored in the Bluepoint system, including but not limited to statements. "Our goal has always been to provide credit union employees with instant access to any document," says Hal Tilbury, Bluepoint CEO and founder. "Now we've extended that same functionality to the member."

The company said IMA offers the credit union complete control over which documents are available for member viewing. These can include statements, canceled checks, deposited checks, receipts, loan documents, etc.

This provides unprecedented convenience to the member, while automating a member-service function that would normally require handling by a credit union employee.

For info: or 888.332.7052.

Anti-Laundering Alliance Formed

AVON, Conn.-COCC, a provider of technology services, has formed an alliance with STB Systems, Ltd. to offer a comprehensive suite of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) products. "Rated as one of the top anti-money laundering solutions available, the STB system will be offered by COCC as a service bureau product tailored to the compliance and efficiency needs of credit unions," the company said. COCC said its alliance with STB Systems will automate the complex tasks involved in complying with the latest AML regulations. The STB system builds a permanent compliance database from multiple transaction sources. When integrated with COCC's open core system, the STB system will automatically display customer cash flow trends and patterns of exception activity, such as out-of-character transactions, to identify potential money-laundering suspects.

For info:

Two CUs Select COWWW

SPARTA, Mich.-COWWW Software, reported that two CUs have selected its web-based archiving, retrieval, and document distribution solutions.

The $95-million Columbus Metro FCU has implemented its browser-based COLD storage system.

"We wanted to save some trees by not wasting so much paper and save time by implementing an affordable, user-friendly system," said Jim Downey, information systems manager for Columbus Metro. "COWWW's web-based technology has allowed us to do both, especially assisting members in an efficient manner. If there's a problem with a member's account, we can help them on the spot. That's great service that they'll want to come back for."

Meanwhile, the $325-million Rogue FCU, Medford, Ore., has implemented its browser-based COLD and imaging solution, signature ID, and receipt capture systems. RFCU selected the solutions to optimize storage space made available by its new COLD/imaging solution, in addition to speed.

For info: 760-753.5943 or info

CUDATA.COM Releases Update

PROVO, Utah-CUDATA.COM has released its new version of an Online Credit Union Comparative Data Analysis system to help credit unions across the country to evaluate their financial and productivity performance.

"This online interactive system provides side-by-side peer comparisons and credit union performance trends with a click of a button. Instant reports and charts are generated in minutes. In addition, this site provides national industry trends as well as a free credit union directory," the company said.

"Our mission is to give credit union executive management quick, easy, user-friendly access to peer comparative analysis, performance trendes as well as other useful data through interactive, dynamic, at-a-glance reports and charts," said Kristen Lingam, President of CUDATA.COM.

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