Teen Robbery Suspects To Be Tried AsAdults

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ELKHART, Ind. - (02/21/05) -- Two 17-year-old boys arrested lastweek at the scene of a credit union robbery were waived into adultcourt on Friday to be tried as adults. The two, Brandon Pryor, andNockolas Pippin, and a third suspect, identified as DonaldWolfford, 18, were arrested after they robbed Michiana CU, by twopolice detectives who happened to be passing by at the time. As thedetectives stopped to check on a car running outside the creditunion, three masked men ran out of the credit union carryinggarbage bags that turned out to be holding stolen cash. Two of theteenage suspects were caught immediately, while the third wascaptured soon after. The driver of the getaway car is still beingsought.

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