Texas CUs Still Incommunicado AfterHurricane Rita

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FARMERS BRANCH, Texas - (09/28/05) -- At least a dozen Texas credit unionswere not operational Tuesday, following Hurricane Rita. Anemergency response team comprised of representatives from the TexasCU League, Southwest Corporate FCU, state and federal regulatorswere able to reach 23 credit unions by phone; seven of which werefunctioning and three of which were only partly operational. "Ofthe two-dozen credit unions with whom we've made contact, abouthalf of them are not operational. They are being told that it maybe several weeks before power will be restored in Beaumont, PortArthur, Orange and the surrounding communities," Dick Ensweiler,president of the Texas league, told The Credit Union Journal. Allthree Houston-area Member Service (shared branching ) Centers andCUER opened for business yesterday. And in Louisiana, leagueofficials said there are as many as 45 credit unions

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