The Business Of Getting Business

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Grow, or die. That message was at the center of The Credit Union Journal's SEG & Business Development Conference here, which attracted more than 150 people from credit unions that have chosen to grow-and in the process developed innovative ways of doing so.

"Unprofitable members get that way because credit unions give them products," summed up Bob Lawhead, president of Raddon Financial Group. Lawhead's keynote presentation challenged credit unions to rethink many of the assumptions they have about their members and the way they do business (see related story, page 10).

But why do credit unions have to work so hard to get consumers to join when the financial advantages are often obvious? Neil Goldman, president of Member Research, pointed to 10 solid reasons his firm's research has uncovered, including big fears related to direct deposit (see page 12). Coverage of the conference begins in this issue on page 10.

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