Three Indicted In Major Credit CardScheme

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SAN JOSE, Calif. - (03/08/05) -- Three men were indicted Monday onconspiracy charges in what authorities say is one of the largestcounterfeit credit card schemes in North America. The suspects, wholived in California and British Columbia, allegedly stole creditcard numbers from various institutions, including Portland TeachersCU, and used the accounts to ring up millions of dollars infraudulent purchases in San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia,Seattle, Calgary and Vancouver between 1998 and 2001. Charged inthe scheme were Sun Keung Lee, 44, of Vancouver, British Columbia,Eva Yok Yau Eng, 54, of Lafayette, Calif., and Sandy Ru Zhong, 41,of San Lorenzo, Calif. Lee first came to the notice of authoritieswhen he was shot by an unknown assailant in December 1998 in hisapartment where police found equipment to make counterfeit cards,including computers, printers, and a magnetic strip reader, sheetsof stolen credit card data, unembossed Visa and MasterCards, and adevice to cut plastic cards. The credit card data had also beenstolen from American Express, CitiBank, Wells Fargo, and CapitolOne. In 2001 Canadian authorities raided a counterfeitmanufacturing plant in Vancouver tied to Lee and Zhong where theyfound thousands of bogus cards and more stolen accountinformation.

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