Time For Dialogue On CU Conversions

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I hope that the "Greater Minds" of the credit union movement have now had a chance to cool off and think rationally about how and what credit unions can realistically do regarding the "conversion problem."

I find it amusing that Mr. Jim Blaine is now calling for a national dialogue. It was his own ramblings, comparing his perceived lack of involvement by the Texas Credit Union League to that of people who stood idly by during the Nazi holocaust, that derailed what was shaping up to be some great dialogue about the problem at the (CUNA) roundtable meetings. I was surprised when Mr. (Ed) Callahan landed such a low blow at the NACUSO meeting when I asked him if "conversions were the problem or a symptom of a much greater problem?" His response has been accurately documented: another diatribe against the Texas league, its president and anyone else who would ever consider such an option. Personally, I would welcome a rational and open dialogue concerning this issue, but realize it is so emotionally charged it might be impossible for the near future.

I am proud of the work that Texas Credit Union League and their committees have done regarding the conversion issue. To point the finger at the league is way too simplistic. Credit union management and boards must bear some of the responsibility if they have members who don't know what they are giving up or don't care.

Gary A. Jester, President

Advancial Federal Credit Union

Dallas, Texas

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