Time Running Short For NCUA Nomination

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The window is closing fast on the period in which a new member of the NCUA Board will be confirmed to succeed Chairman Dennis Dollar, who has been serving as a holdover since his six-year term expired last April.

That's because, even if the White House were to nominate a candidate today, it would take six to eight weeks for the FBI to conduct a background check, then weeks more before the Senate Banking Committee could hold confirmation hearings. By that time congressional Democrats, hoping their candidate will win the White House and be making appointments next year, could be doing everything they can to block Bush nominees from being confirmed.

Will this happen with a lesser office, like NCUA? Capitol Hill sources say yes, it could, especially for five-or six-year terms (Dollar has already run through the first year of his successor's six-year term).

By the way, rumor has it that Dollar, who has been waiting for the White House to act on his successor for months, is getting antsy and is preparing to move on, possibly as soon as next month. The word is Dollar is still interested in opening his own lobbying firm with his long-time aide Kirk Cuevas. Dollar would not discuss his plans, only to confirm he could not wait indefinitely for the White House to act.

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