Time To Express Your Support For The Troops

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Since many of our 57,500 members are active military personnel who are stationed in Southern California, as well as Japan, Korea, Guam and around the world, we feel compelled to express our unconditional support and prayers for the U.S. troops serving in the Middle East. Regardless of any political viewpoint, we feel it's important to reaffirm our heartfelt gratitude and admiration for all those in the Coalition who now find themselves in harm's way.

Let the message go forth, loud and clear: It matters not whether you agree or disagree with any military objective.

Rather, we call on all Americans to be absolutely unwavering in their respect and high regard for our Armed forces, those brave souls, who are now putting their lives on the line to defend freedom.

Mary Cunningham, President, CEO

USA Federal Credit Union

San Diego

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