Toy Gun Used In CU Heist

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COLUMBIA, S.C. - (04/19/06) -- A federal prosecutor told a juryMonday that Marco Hutchinson, a former University of South Carolinafootball player, held up South Carolina State CU last year with atoy gun, then jumped over the teller counter, before escaping withmore than $6,500 in cash. Hutchinson, the Gamecocks' linebackerfrom 1997 to 2000, then stuffed the cash into packages addressed tofriends and relatives, the prosecutor told the jury. Even thoughthe gun turned out to be a plastic toy, it constituted a realthreat to the teller who believed it was real, the prosecutor said.Authorities recovered the stolen credit union cash--including a$2,000 stack wrapped in with a paper band with the credit union'sname--in a drop box about a mile away where they found fivepriority mail packages addressed to Hutchinson, his mother and hisroommates.

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