Trades Expecting Little More From Congress

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Though Congress has much on its plate, don't expect to see much of it get done before the year is out, according to both CUNA and NAFCU. The last of the appropriations bills will take the front burner as they must be finished before Congress adjourns for the year, but other bills, including Hurricane Katrina relief, likely will wait for next year, both trade groups suggested.

"There has been some talk about coming back next week, but that's usually just an empty threat to get Members of Congress back on the stick to finish up on things like the tax and budget reconciliation so they don't have to come back next week. Everyone wants to get out of here," said CUNA's John Hildreth, who noted there are no provisions in either of these bills and both the House and Senate versions-to tax credit unions.

While adding any new provisions that haven't been debated or discussed before when a bill goes to Conference-where differences between House and Senate versions are ironed out-is extremely rare, it could happen, so CUNA is keeping a close watch on it, he said.

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