Utah Bankers Fight Back With $50,000Gesture

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SALT LAKE CITY - (01/27/05) -- The Utah Bankers Association saidthey will match the $50,000 spent by credit unions to fight theanti-credit union resolution in the legislature with their owngesture--a $50,000 donation to local school districts. "Instead ofresponding to the Utah League of Credit Unions' misleading massmedia attacks with a media campaign of their own, Utah's banks havedecided to instead donate an equal sum to Utah's school districtfoundations," the UBA said in a statement. The Utah league hasspent $50,000 over the past week to buy television and radio adsopposing the resolution, which urges Congress to weigh in on thedecade-old fight between the state's banks and credit unions. Theresolution passed the House this week and is now headed for theSenate for its consideration.

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