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* Amazing news from the FDIC about credit unions

-Jim Blaine, page 53

* Reaxaming "value" of bank, CU relationships

-Tom Reed, page 54

* The Top 10 issues credit unions need to keep in mind when in Washington

-Dan Mica, page 56

* Turn potential members into real members by attending PALS conference

-Debbie Matz, page 56

* Why even the most noble causes need an audit after Sarbanes-Oxley

-Steve Delfin, page 58

* A CU rep to Fannie Mae offers insights on what CUs can learn from its troubles

-John Tipetts, page 60

* It's not just greed that is behind credit unions converting to mutual banks

-Peter Duffy, page 62

* Responding to the myths CUs confront when doing advocacy

-Sheri Ledbetter, page 64

* Another view on what's behind the banker attacks upon credit unions

-Lester Warby, page 64

* What can credit unions learn from snowflakes?

-Michael Litzau, page 66

* Is the news good or bad? Ten keys to making a decision

-John Annaloro, page 68

* There are lessons for credit unions in the Swiss watch industry, such as taking the plunge on new initiatives

-Fred Johnson, page 69

Throughout this section keen and humorous observations about Washington & politics.

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