Workshop Focuses On MBLs

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The ongoing interest in business lending was more than evident here, when more than 230 credit union executives turned out for an NCUA-sponsored workshop here on the subject.

The workshop was part of Board Member Debbie Matz' Partnering and Leadership Successes (PALS) meetings. Many of those in attendance indicated they had not yet begun offering MBLs, but were interested in doing so. The advice from many of those making presentations: "Go slow."

Attendees were told to consider partnerships with other credit unions and CUSOs, with government agencies, and with non-profit agencies. "One of the best ways to manage risks is to partner with the Small Business Administration," suggested Matz, who serves as NCUA's liaison to SBA.

Meanwhile, NCUA Vice Chair JoAnn Johnson, who was on hand for the most recent PALS workshop here on business lending, said NCUA will continue to move forward in reducing regulatory hurdles related to business loans.

"Our member business lending rule is up for regulatory review again this year," Johnson pointed out. "We are exploring further changes to empower credit unions to help more of America's small businesses with their financing needs. Small business is big business."

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