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Literacy Clearinghouse Available

MADISON, Wis.-The Credit Union Executives Society (CUES) is offering on its website a Financial Literacy Clearinghouse for CUs planning to create and offer financial education programs. The Financial Literacy Clearinghouse, which can be found at www.cues.org/resources/financialliteracy, provides links to offerings from a variety of sources. The clearinghouse is available at no cost. Also on the site are "ready-to-go programs" shared by CUs that have developed their own curriculums.

NYIB Planning Annual Meeting

MADISON, Wis.-The National Youth Involvement Board (NYIB) will host its annual conference here Aug. 3-6. The meeting is being themed, "NYIB University-Making the Grade with Youth," and will include a special pre-conference workshop with Dr. Laurence Dean Martel, author of "The Seven Secrets of Learning Revealed!" A special performance of "Googolplex Goes to School," the new financial literacy program, will also be presented. For info: www.nyib.org.

Ireland's CUs Hit new Threshold

DUBLIN, Ireland-Member savings in Ireland's credit unions has passed the (E)$10- billion threshold. The growth in savings coincides with a similar increase in lending, with loans outstanding at year-end 2003 at (E)$6 billion, an increase of 7%. The number of members in Ireland's credit unions was also up 4% to 27 million, according to the Irish League of Credit Unions. The league credited the PEARLS system, championed by the World Council of Credit Unions, with improving solvency among the country's credit unions.

Ohio CUL-Backed Bill Introduced

COLUMBUS, Ohio-Legislation has been introduced in the Ohio House to permit credit unions to accept public or government funds deposits, allow credit unions to offer financial services in underserved areas, and permit student credit unions to operate in public schools for grades K-12. The legislation, House Bill 470, was introduced by Rep. Geoffrey Smith (R). The Ohio league, which supports the legislation, said it has been working for two years to have it introduced.

Bayer FCU Plans New Building

ELKHART, Ind.-The $220-million Bayer FCU has broken ground on a new 40,000-square-foot headquarters in this city's downtown. Cost of the project is projected between $4 million and $6 million. Over the next 15 years, it plans to expand the facility further to approximately 120,000 feet on the four-acre site that sits along the Elkhart River. BFCU, which also operates a "division" credit union, Michiana CU, was founded in 1942 to serve Miles Laboratories. Originally, its books were stored in a founding member's chicken coop.

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