You Can Call Her Penny

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Debbie Byerly is one of those people who will stoop to pick up a penny.

In fact, Byerly has picked up a whole lot of pennies over the past 25 years-more than 1.2 million of them. But Byerly, whose collection is helped out by her credit union, only collects pennies minted before 1979 when the one-cent pieces were made of pure copper.

Local credit unions and banks her help out with her passion.

Keystone CU calls her every week to let her know when a large shipment of pennies has come in.

Then she goes to her credit union, buys the pennies, and loads them into her pickup truck in clear plastic bags.

She then takes them home and sorts and counts them in plastic casino cups that hold 1,000 pennies. Pennies minted after 1979 are returned to the credit union.

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