+++ Companies are listed alphabetically along with their bank and thrift subsidiaries, which are listed in order of credit card loans outstanding on March 31

Name of Top Parent Co. (immediate parent shown in parenthesis)

Advanta Corp., Horsham, Pa.

American Express Co., New York

(American Express Travel Related Services)

Armed Forces Benefit Association, Alexandria, Va. (c)

(Armed Forces Benefit Services, Inc., Alexandria, Va. (d)

AT&T, New York

Automatic Data Processing Inc. (ADP), Roseland, N.J.

Beneficial Corp., Wilmington, Del.

Capital One Financial Corp., Falls Church, Va.

Dayton Hudson Corp., Minneapolis (g)

Dean Witter, Discover & Co., New York

Dillard Department Stores Inc., Little Rock, Ark.

Federated Department Stores, Cincinnati

Fidelity Investments, Boston

(Fidelity Capital, Boston)

Fingerhut Companies Inc., Minnetonka, Minn. (l)

(Metris Companies, Inc., St. Louis Park, Minn.)

First USA Inc., Dallas

Ford Motor Co., Dearborn, Mich. (o)

General Electric Co., Fairfield, Conn.

(General Electric Capital Corp., Stamford, Conn.)

General Motors Corp., Detroit (r)

Household International, Prospect Heights, Ill.

J.C. Penney & Co., New York

John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Co., Portsmouth, N.H.

Leucadia National Corp, New York (s)

Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc., New York

Nordstrom Inc., Seattle (u)

Providian Corp., Louisville, Ky.

(Providian Bancorp, San Francisco)

Prudential Insurance Company of America, Newark, N.J

Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago

(Sears Financial Holding Corp, Hoffman Estates, Ill.)

Spiegel Inc., Downers Grove, Ill. (y)

Texaco, White Plains, N.Y.

Travelers Group Inc., New York

United States Automobile Assn. (USAA), San Antonio, Tex.

Welsh, Carson, Anderson & Stowe, New York (aa)

Whirlpool Corp., Benton Harbor, Mich.

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Name of Bank

Advanta National Bank,Wilmington, Del.

Advanta National Bank USA, Claymont, Del. (formerly Colonial National Bank USA)

Advanta Financial Corp., Murray, Utah (a)

American Express Centurion Bank, Wilmington, Del. (b)

American Express Deposit Corp., Midvale, Utah

AFBA Industrial Bank, Colorado Springs, Colo.

AT&T Universal Card Services, Jacksonville, Fla. (e)

Columbus Bank & Trust Co., Ga.

AT&T Universal Financial Corp., Salt Lake City (a)

Universal Card Bank,, Columbus, Ga.

ADP Saving Assn., Allentown, Pa. (f)

Beneficial National Bank USA, Wilmington, Del.

Beneficial National Bank, Wilmington, Del.

Beneficial Savings Bank, FSB, Tampa, Fla.

Capital One Bank, Glen Allen, Va.

Capital One, FSB, Falls Church, Va.

Retailers National Bank, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Greenwood Trust Co., New Castle, Del. (h)

SRC Corp., New Castle., Del. and all other special purpose subsidiaries (i)

Mountainwest Financial, Sandy, Utah (a,j)

Hurley State Bank, Sioux Falls, S.D.

Bank of New Castle, Del. (formerly Discover Card Bank of New Castle)

Dillard National Bank, Phoenix, Ariz.

FDS National Bank, Mason, Ohio (k)

Fidelity Trust Co., Salt Lake City (a)

Metris Receivables, Inc., St. Louis Park, Minn. (m)

Direct Merchants Credit Card Bank NA, Salt Lake City (n)

First USA Bank, Wilmington, Del.

First USA, FSB, Wilmington, Del.

Associates National Bank (Delaware), Wilmington

Associates Investment Corp., St. George, Utah (a)

Monogram Credit Card Bank, Roswell, Ga. (p)

G.E. Capital Consumer Card Co., Mason, Ohio (q)

GE Capital Financial Inc., Salt Lake City (a)

Household Bank (Nevada), NA, Las Vegas

Household Bank SB, NA, Las Vegas, Nevada

Household Bank, FSB, Newport Beach, Calif. (r)

Household Bank of California, NA, Salinas (liquidated 4/95)

JC Penney National Bank, Harrington, Del.

JC Penney Card Bank NA, Harrington, Del.

First Signature Bank & Trust Co., Portsmouth, N.H.

American Investment Bank NA, Salt Lake City

Merrill Lynch National Financial, Salt Lake City (t)

Nordstrom Credit Inc, Englewood, Colo. (v)

Nordstrom National Credit Bank, Englewood, Colo. (w)

First Deposit National Bank, Tilton, N.H.

Providian National Bank, Concord, N.H.

Prudential Bank & Trust Co., Atlanta

Prudential Savings Bank, FSB, Atlanta, Ga.

Sears National Bank, Phoenix, Ariz. (x)

First Consumers National Bank, Beaverton, Ore.

Texaco Credit Card Bank NA, Omaha, Neb. (z)

Travelers Bank USA, Newark, Del. (formerly Primerica Bank USA)

Travelers Bank, Newark, Del. (formerly Primerica Bank)

USAA Federal Savings Bank, San Antonio, Tex.

World Financial Network National Bank, Whitehall, Ohio

Whirlpool Financial National Bank, New Castle, Del.

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Credit Card Loans on the Books Data of

Name of Bank 3/31/96 3/31/95% Chg. Acq./Start

Advanta National Bank,Wilmingt$1,753,725 $263,877 564.60% 1995

Advanta National Bank USA, Cla 766,477 $926,226 -17.25 1982

Advanta Financial Corp., Murra 31,971 32,237 -0.83 1991

American Express Centurion Ban 8,685,750 7,063,922 22.96 1985

American Express Deposit Corp. 181,555 171,718 5.73 1987

AFBA Industrial Bank, Colorado 152,372 87,641 73.86 1990

AT&T Universal Card Services, 10,000,000 11,800,000 -15.25 1990

Columbus Bank & Trust Co., Ga. 177,072 181,664 -2.53 1995

AT&T Universal Financial Corp. 62,811 67,280 -6.64 1992

Universal Card Bank,, Columbus 24,997 24,995 0.01 1995

ADP Saving Assn., Allentown, P 2,915 54 5,298.15 1994

Beneficial National Bank USA, 2,664,744 1,692,976 57.4 1991

Beneficial National Bank, Wilm 49,437 41,323 19.64 1952

Beneficial Savings Bank, FSB, 336 396 -15.15 1985

Capital One Bank, Glen Allen, 2,594,530 2,479,709 4.63 1994

Capital One, FSB, Falls Church............................. 6/30/96

Retailers National Bank, Sioux 85,933 316,328 -72.83 1994

Greenwood Trust Co., New Castl 6,736,843 7,100,325 -5.12 1985

SRC Corp., New Castle., Del. a 8,089,081 6,477,418 24.88......

Mountainwest Financial, Sandy, 1,500,238 639,546 134.58 1991

Hurley State Bank, Sioux Falls 1,477,035 778,880 89.64 1986

Bank of New Castle, Del. (for 1,303 1,331 2.1 1990

Dillard National Bank, Phoenix 1,076,246 1,049,588 2.54 1991

FDS National Bank, Mason, Ohio 57,583 20,093 186.58 1993

Fidelity Trust Co., Salt Lake 190,725 206,634 -7.7 1990

Metris Receivables, Inc., St. 19,714 19,725 0 1995

Direct Merchants Credit Card B- 6...... 1995

First USA Bank, Wilmington, De 3,443,074 3,307,014 4.11 1985

First USA, FSB, Wilmington, De............................. Apr-96

Associates National Bank (Dela 255,103 202,314 26.09 1991

Associates Investment Corp., S 32,922 14,527 126.63 1993

Monogram Credit Card Bank, Ros 3,664,551 2,769,305 32.33 1988

G.E. Capital Consumer Card Co. 2,987,181 2,593,803 15.17 1988

GE Capital Financial Inc., Sal- 992N/M 1992

Household Bank (Nevada), NA, L 4,676,697 2,909,116 60.76 1993

Household Bank SB, NA, Las Veg 785,909 789,891 -0.5 1993

Household Bank, FSB, Newport B 541,577 552,724 2.02 1976

Household Bank of California, - 80,085- 1981

JC Penney National Bank, Harri 610,294 627,667 -2.77 1983

JC Penney Card Bank NA, Harrin 190,314 157,515 20.82 1993

First Signature Bank & Trust C 5,937 8,109 -26.79 1985

American Investment Bank NA, S 7,024 189 3,616.40 1984

Merrill Lynch National Financi 6,989 24,517 -71.49 1987

Nordstrom Credit Inc, Englewoo 210,000 209,000 0.48 1984

Nordstrom National Credit Bank 0 0... 1991

First Deposit National Bank, T 1,620,902 1,593,024 1.75 1984

Providian National Bank, Conco 1,000,921 653,303 53.21 1990

Prudential Bank & Trust Co., A 357,266 342,139 4.42 1983

Prudential Savings Bank, FSB, 22,058 22,095 0.17 1989

Sears National Bank, Phoenix, 0 0 1994

First Consumers National Bank, 113,370 74,174 52.84 1988

Texaco Credit Card Bank NA, Om 8,170 7,513 8.74 1994

Travelers Bank USA, Newark, De 417,295 365,960 14.03 1989

Travelers Bank, Newark, Del. ( 401,010 340,007 17.94 1988

USAA Federal Savings Bank, Sa 3,357,202 2,876,987 16.69 1983

World Financial Network Nation 123,168 1,224,760 -89.94 1989

Whirlpool Financial National B 76,451NA 1994

Data sources: American Banker survey and federal regulatory data provided by Sheshunoff Information Services Inc., Austin, Tex. Type of company: (B)- A commercial banking co. ; (T)- A thrift, i.e. a savings institution or a credit union; (D)- A nonbank diversified financial services co. The data for most diversified financial services companies are combined for all bank and thrift subsidiaries with credit card operations. (These subsidiaries are identified in the listing on the next page.) Managed card loans are loans on the books plus securitized card loans outstanding. Card loans on the books include all extentions of credit to individuals for household, family, and other personal expenditures arising from bank credit cards or special prearranged overdraft plans. Securitized credit card loans are the amount of loans that have been securitized and sold without recourse but with servicing retained. Noncurrent credit card loans are loans on the books that are 90 days or more past due plus loans placed on a nonaccrual basis. Noncurrent loans as a % of loans on the books is noncurrent credit card loans expressed as a percentage of card loans on the books. Net chargeoffs are gross chargeoffs on credit card loans on the books for the first quarter less corresponding recoveries. Net chargeoffs as a % of loans on the books is net chargeoffs for the first quarter on an annualized basis as a percentage of card loans on the books on March 31. (a)- Actual loans on the books on March 31 were $16.3 billion. Average loans are shown and used to calculate the performance ratios to reduce the distorting affects of the Chase-Chemical merger at the end of the first quarter. (b)- The 1996 data for noncurrent loans and net chargeoffs are on managed assets. The 1995 data for these items are American Banker estimates. (c)- The data are consolidated, and noncurrent loans and net chargeoffs are for the managed portfolio. (d)-The 1996 data for noncurrent loans and net chargeoffs are for the managed portfolio and the comparable 1995 data are for loans on the books. Furthermore, the 1995 noncurrent loans are for the entire consumer loan portfolio. (e)- The subsidiary bank securitized the bulk of its portfolio in the first quarter. For this reason, the performance ratios shown for 1996 are based on data for the full year 1995. (f)- Data are for Bankmont Financial Corp., New York. (g)- Average loans were used to calculate the net chargeoff ratio for 1996. (h)- The 1995 managed assets are as of June 30. Net chargeoffs and the net charge-off ratos are on managed assets and are for midyear 1996 and the full year 1995, respectively. The noncurrent loan ratios are as of June 30, 1996 and Dec. 31 and include loans 30 days or more past due. (i)- Data are from the Federal Reserve Board's Bulletin and include revolving credit issued by commercial banks, finance companies, credit unions, retailers, savings institutions, gasoline companies, and pools of securitized credit card receivables. (r)- The 1995 data, except card rank, have been restated for mergers of institutions with sizable managed card loan portfolios. (x)- The 1995 data are revised. Compiled by American Banker, 1996. ===

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