Digital Lending + Investing

November 2-3, 2017 New York City

Momentum remains strong as banks continue to form partnerships with fintech platforms –for both investing in and originating loans—or build their own online lending engines. This has morphed much of the dynamic between banks and platforms from foes to partners as the industry evolves. Growth, however, has also led to growing pains with recent turbulence on the loan funding side of the equation and consolidation of the industry.

Whether you are a bank, fintech firm or a loan investor the twist and turns in Digital Lending + Investing gives us much to discuss this year including new case studies from community, regional and large banks on digital lending options– acquire, partner, white label, license or build; updates on platform funding sources and diversification; the growth in securitization and secondary market developments. Sessions will also explore the Trump administration’s impact on the evolving regulatory landscape; new approaches to credit decisioning; blockchain as problem solver; new entrants, emerging technologies and future disrupters; and what lending might look like over the next decade.