RESERVE REQUIREMENTS: Proposal by the Federal Reserve Board to make it easier for banks to meet reserve requirements by letting them calculate mandatory reserves with deposit figures that are 17 days old. Published Nov. 12. Comments due Jan. 12.

RECOURSE: Proposal by the banking and thrift agencies to adopt new capital requirements for recourse agreements and similar tools used to sell securitized assets. Under the plan, banks holding the riskiest part of a securitization would face higher capital requirements than those holding less risky sections. Published Nov. 5. Comments due Feb. 3.

CREDIT UNION CHARTERS: Proposal by the National Credit Union Administration to subject credit unions with community charters to Community Reinvestment Act-like requirements. The agency would review membership data and loan penetration rates to ensure community-based credit unions serve their entire market. Published Oct. 29. Comments due Dec. 29.

CAPITAL REQUIREMENTS: Proposal by the banking and thrift agencies to standardize risk-based capital rules on mutual fund investments, construction loans for pre-sold residential property, and second mortgage loans on one- to four-family residential properties. It also would simplify leveraged capital requirements. Published Oct. 27. Comments due Dec. 26.

UNREALIZED GAINS: Proposal by the banking and thrift agencies to let banks count 45% of unrealized equity investment gains as Tier 2 risk-based capital. Published Oct. 27. Comments due Dec. 26.

OCC FEES: Proposal by the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency to increase by 25% the annual fee it charges poorly run national banks. Published Oct. 21. Comments due Nov. 20.

DEMAND DEPOSITS: Proposal by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. that if banks regulated by the Fed are granted exemptions to rules banning interest on demand deposits, FDIC-regulated institutions would get the same breaks. Published Oct. 16. Comments due Dec. 15.

MORTGAGE DISCLOSURES: Proposal by the Department of Housing and Urban Development that would require mortgage brokers to sign contracts with homebuyers disclosing brokers' fees and legal obligations to borrowers. Published Oct. 16. Comments due Dec. 15.

HOME LOAN MEMBERSHIP: Proposal by the Federal Housing Finance Board to make it easier for rural banks to join the Home Loan Bank System. Published Oct. 14. Comments due today.

FDIC APPLICATIONS: Proposal by the FDIC to speed approvals of mergers, new branches, deposit insurance coverage, and other activities for healthy financial institutions. Published Oct. 9. Comments due Jan. 7.

STOCK OPTIONS: Proposal by the FDIC to allow stock options for outside directors and organizers of new banks and thrifts, provided the benefit does not encourage high-risk activities or interfere with the public's ability to buy shares. Published Oct. 9. Comments due Jan. 7.

ELECTRONIC BANKING: Proposal by the Office of Thrift Supervision to streamline its electronic banking regulations. The plan would let consumers apply for loans and open savings accounts at automated tellers. Published Oct. 3. Comments due Dec. 2.

MORTGAGE DERIVATIVES: Proposal by the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council to make it easier for banks with strong risk management programs to invest in mortgage derivatives. Published Oct. 3. Comments due Nov. 17.

ELECTRONIC BENEFITS: Proposal by the Treasury Department to enforce the 1996 congressional mandate that all federal payments except tax refunds be made electronically by Jan. 1, 1999. Under the plan, federally insured financial institutions would bid for exclusive regional contracts to serve benefit recipients who lack bank accounts. Published Sept. 16. Comments due Dec. 16.

STATE BANK ACTIVITIES: Proposal by the FDIC to make it easier for state- chartered banks to use new powers granted by state governments. Banks would submit a notice to the FDIC rather than filing applications. Published Sept. 12. Comments due Dec. 11.

CURRENCY TRANSACTIONS: Proposal by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network to exempt retail, service, and wholesale businesses from currency transaction reports, provided they have been bank customers for at least a year and frequently make cash transactions involving more than $10,000. Published Sept. 8. Comments due Dec. 8.

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