Mortgage Bank Deals

Announced Oct. 1, 1994 - Oct 13, 1995

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Buyer Entity sold (Seller, if different)

MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings Lomas Mortgage's remaining assets

(Lomas Financial Corp.)

Westcorp Hammond Co.

Great American Financial Services Federation of Financial



MacAndrews & Forbes Holdings. Lomas Mortgage's GNMA portfolio &

orig franchise

(Lomas Financial Corp.)

First Empire State Corp. Exchange Mortgage Corp.

Central Illinois Bancorp Inc. Mortgage Services of Illinois

Republic Bancorp Inc. Western div. of Railroad SB assets

(Railroad Financial Corp.)

Norris, Beggs & Simpson Oregon operation of Harding

Fletcher Co.

(Centennial Bancorp. Inc.)

Howard Levine-led group ARCS Mortgage's mutli-family


(Bank of New York Co.)

Mellon Bank Corp. Metmor Financial Inc.

(Metropolitan Life

Insurance Co.)

WSFS Financial Corp. American Finance and Investment


Vectra Banking Corp. MacWest Mortgage Co.

Advantage Bancorp Inc. Financial Center of Illinois Inc.

Westmark Group Holdings Production assets of Greentree


(Greentree Mortgage Co.


Laureate Realty Services Mortgage Co. of Indiana

(National City Corp.)

Cowger & Miller Mortgage Co. Johnson & Associates. Mortgage Co.

Deposit Guaranty Corp. First Mortgage Corp.

National Westminster Bancorp Union Financial Corp.

(UF Bancorp Inc.)

Undisclosed Buyer ITT Residential Capital Corp.

(ITT Corp.)

First Tennessee Natl. Corp. HomeBanc Mortgage Corp.

First Town Mortgage Corp. HomeSouth Mortgage Corp.

First Security Corp. Performance Mortgage Co.

Roslyn Savings Bank Residential Mortgage Banking Inc.

Amresco Inc. CKSRS Housing Group Ltd.

(Carey, Kramer, Silvester, Rex, Simigran & Assoc.)

Alliance Mortgage Co. Park Avenue Mortgage

Homeowners Financial Corp. Developers Mortgage Corp.

Bank of Boston Corp. Bell Mortgage Co.

First Federal of Rochester Sibley Mortgage Corp.

First Town Mortgage Corp. Arcs Mortgages Houston wholesale


(Bank of New York Company Inc.)

Superior Bank FSB State-Wide Capital Corp

First Commercial Corp. Brumbaugh & Fulton Mortgage Co.

Hinsdale Financial Corp. Preferred Mortgage Brokerage

(Preferred Mortgage Association)

GreenPoint Financial Corp. BarclaysAmerican/Mortgage Corp.

(Barclays Plc.)

Imperial Credit Industries Inc. Franchise Mortgage Acceptance Co.

NationsBank Corp. KeyCorp Mortgage Inc.


Republic Bancorp Inc. Amerifirst Financial Corp.

(Greenwich Capital Financial

Products Inc.)

Wilson & Muir Bancorp Bankers Mortgage Corp.

Northwest Savings Bank MHC Power Funding Group Inc.

Barnett Banks Inc. BancPlus Financial Corp.

BancFirst Corp. Oak Tree Mortgage Corp.

(Commerce Service Corp.)

Castle BancGroup Inc. Premier Home Financing Inc.

AccuBanc Mortgage Corp. Medallion Mortgage Co.

ABN-AMRO Holding NV Metropolitan Service Corp.

First Empire State Corp. Statewide Funding Corp.

First Tennessee Natl. Corp. Pacific Mortgage Inc.

Comerica Inc. Frontline Mortgage Co.

Ivan Kaufman-led entity Arbor Natl. Commercial Mortgage


(Arbor National Holdings Inc.)

Intermountain Mortgage Co. Stanwell Mortgage Co.

Norwest Corp. Directors Mortgage Loan Corp.

Prudential New Jersey Realty Associated Finance Corp.

Long Island Bancorp Inc. Entrust Financial Corp.

Long Island Bancorp Inc. Developer's Mortgage Corp.

(Developers Service Corp.)

Irwin Financial Corp. All Pacific Mortgage Co.

JHM Mortgage Securities L.P. TMC Mortgage Corp

Sterling Financial Corp. American Liberty Corp.

NationsBank Corp. Cypress Financial Corp.,

Rancho Santa Margarita Mortgage


RSM Funding Corp.

General Motors Corp. Republic Realty Mortgage Corp.

HF Financial Corp. Capital Financial Services

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Buyer Announced date Status Completion/Terminated


MacAndrews & Fo 10/10/95 Pending NA

Westcorp Hammon 10/4/95 Pending NA

Great American 9/11/95 Completed 9/11/95

MacAndrews & Fo 9/7/95 Completed 10/2/95

First Empire St 8/30/95 Completed 10/2/95

Central Illinoi 8/22/95 Pending NA

Republic Bancor 8/8/95 Pending NA

Norris, Beggs & 8/3/95 Pending NA

Howard Levine-l 8/1/95 Completed 8/1/95

Mellon Bank Cor 7/26/95 Completed 9/1/95

WSFS Financial 7/24/95 Pending NA

Vectra Banking 7/19/95 Completed 7/19/95

Advantage Banco 7/19/95 Completed 8/22/95

Westmark Group 7/12/95 Pending NA

Laureate Realty 6/26/95 Pending NA

Cowger & Miller 6/26/95 Pending NA

Deposit Guarant 6/16/95 Completed 8/8/95

National Westmi 6/14/95 Pending NA

Undisclosed Buy 6/9/95 Pending NA

First Tennessee 6/7/95 Completed 7/3/95

First Town Mort 6/7/95 Completed 6/7/95

First Security 6/5/95 Completed 6/5/95

Roslyn Savings 5/23/95 Completed 8/11/95

Amresco Inc. 5/11/95 Pending NA

Alliance Mortga 5/5/95 Completed 5/5/95

Homeowners Fina 5/4/95 Completed 5/4/95

Bank of Boston 5/3/95 Completed 6/2/95

First Federal o 4/26/95 Pending NA

First Town Mort 4/18/95 Completed 4/18/95

Superior Bank F 4/18/95 Completed 4/18/95

First Commercia 4/12/95 Completed 4/12/95

Hinsdale Financ 4/11/95 Completed 6/2/95

GreenPoint Fina 4/7/95 Completed 7/10/95

Imperial Credit 3/21/95 Pending NA

NationsBank Cor 2/23/95 Completed 3/31/95

Republic Bancor 2/1/95 Completed 2/1/95

Wilson & Muir B 1/27/95 Pending NA

Northwest Savin 1/19/95 Completed 4/18/95

Barnett Banks I 1/19/95 Completed 3/1/95

BancFirst Corp. 1/18/95 Terminated 4/21/95

Castle BancGrou 1/18/95 Pending NA

AccuBanc Mortga 1/10/95 Completed 2/28/95

ABN-AMRO Holdin 1/10/95 Completed 1/10/95

First Empire St 1/5/95 Completed 3/6/95

First Tennessee 1/4/95 Completed 1/4/95

Comerica Inc. 12/20/94 Completed 1/3/95

Ivan Kaufman-le 12/16/94 Pending NA

Intermountain M 12/15/94 Completed 3/1/95

Norwest Corp. 12/8/94 Completed 3/14/95

Prudential New 12/7/94 Completed 12/7/94

Long Island Ban 11/30/94 Completed 11/30/94

Long Island Ban 11/30/94 Completed 11/30/94

Irwin Financial 11/18/94 Completed 1/1/95

JHM Mortgage Se 11/15/94 Completed 3/15/95

Sterling Financ 11/3/94 Completed 12/30/94

NationsBank Cor 10/27/94 Completed 11/30/94

General Motors 10/26/94 Completed 4/1/95

HF Financial Co 10/14/94 Completed 10/14/94

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Top Mortgage Servicers: An American Banker Special Report

Mortgage Bank Deals

Announced Oct. 1, 1994 - Oct 13, 1995

Buyer Deal Price Servicing Sold

$0 $0

MacAndrews & Fo 150,000 22,000,000

Westcorp Hammon 7,000 550,000

Great American 1,500 500,000

MacAndrews & Fo 100,000 11,000,000

First Empire StNA 370,000

Central IllinoiNA NA

Republic BancorNA NA

Norris, Beggs &NA NA

Howard Levine-lNA 1,300,000

Mellon Bank Cor 165,000 13,606,790

WSFS Financial 525 0

Vectra Banking NA NA

Advantage Banco NA 0

Westmark Group NA 0

Laureate Realty NA 521,508

Cowger & Miller NA 151,199

Deposit Guarant NA 1,000,000

National Westmi NA 37,000

Undisclosed Buy NA 10,500,000

First Tennessee 7,000 0

First Town Mort NA NA

First Security NA NA

Roslyn Savings NA NA

Amresco Inc. NA NA

Alliance Mortga NA NA

Homeowners Fina 2,900 375,000

Bank of Boston NA NA

First Federal o NA 1,600,000

First Town Mort NA NA

Superior Bank F NA NA

First Commercia NA 200,000

Hinsdale Financ 2,500 0

GreenPoint Fina 7,000 0

Imperial Credit NA NA

NationsBank Cor 500,000 25,000,000

Republic Bancor NA NA

Wilson & Muir B 1,300 NA

Northwest Savin NA 10,000

Barnett Banks I 162,000 14,770,000

BancFirst Corp. NA 946,736

Castle BancGrou NA 0

AccuBanc Mortga NA 2,000,000

ABN-AMRO Holdin NA 2,378,798

First Empire St NA 1,000,000

First Tennessee NA 0

Comerica Inc. NA 1,100,000

Ivan Kaufman-le 1,875 NA

Intermountain M NA 0

Norwest Corp. 232,996 13,100,000

Prudential New NA NA

Long Island Ban NA 630,000

Long Island Ban NA 0

Irwin Financial 5,000 250,000

JHM Mortgage Se 1,600 NA

Sterling Financ 5,150 445,576

NationsBank Cor NA 1,300,000

General Motors NA 5,300,000

HF Financial Co NA NA ===

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