New account acquisition has always been a main area of focus for financial institutions, and also one of their main challenges. To win new customers and keep existing customers, banks and other financial institutions must interact the way people choose to interact.

Today, customers expect an outstanding digital experience, preferably omnichannel and personalized to them, enabling them to buy products via whichever channel is most convenient at the time. It is vital banks optimize their account opening and onboarding to provide the best possible digital experiences - and this means achieving integration between branch, call center, online and mobile channels.

While many financial institutions might argue that this has been a strong area of focus for some time, research suggests that they still have some way to go to meet their customers’ requirement for personalised, omnichannel interactions. The Financial Brand reported two years ago that 47% of banking executives rate their institution’s ability to deliver personalised customer experiences as “excellent” – but their customers largely disagree, with only 8% even describing their banking experiences as “average”. This statistic shows there could be a growing disconnect between banks and their customers when it comes to the perception of experiences being delivered.

FI and bank executives are invited to join Tiffani Montez of Aite Group and Derek Corcoran of Avoka to learn what steps banks can take this year to improve their customer account opening and onboarding, decrease application abandonment, and become truly omni-channel, offering personalized experiences across in-branch, online, and mobile interactions.

Key Speakers

Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor American Banker
Tiffani Montez
Senior Analyst, Retail Banking, Aite Group
Derek Corcoran
CXO Avoka