In an age of high-speed technology and increasing customer demands for online applications and fast responses, the mortgage loan process remains highly paper-based. This has implications not only for customers (e.g., multiple requests for duplicate documents, delayed responses) but for business operations (e.g., cycle time from requests to approvals, compliance risk, record keeping, etc.).

How can mortgage loan professionals help improve the customer service experience while helping reduce operational risk and improve efficiency? Join us for a 1 hour webinar on August 17th @ 2pm ET as our speakers discuss the following:

  • Top pain points in mortgage loan processing
  • Compliance and reputational risks at different points in the mortgage loan process
  • Main priorities for mortgage professionals in the coming year
  • Automation solutions to help reduce risks and improve operational efficiency

Key Speakers

Penny Crosman
Editor at Large American Banker
Dana Jackson
Executive Director, Research SourceMedia
Craig Hughes
Managing Director, Financial Services Consulting CC Pace
Michele Rothkin
Industry Marketing Specialist, Financial Services Canon, USA
Alissa DeMaio
Associate Marketing Specialist – Strategic Solutions Canon