Customers are demanding an expedited process but industry regulations continue to cause bottle necks and delays for Banks and Credit Unions. Join Kate Caldwell from SAFE Credit Union as she shares how SAFECU has taken customer service and internal processes digital to ensure compliance while providing customers with the quick, easy experience they expect.

Kate will also discuss how SAFECU is digitizing other processes from performance review and bonus plan incentives to increase efficiency across all departments.

Stats/ROI Bullets:

· 2 week servicing process reduced to 3 days on average

· $2000+ saved per year on paper, postage and envelopes

· 50% decrease in service cases declining due to time expiration

· 98% Increase in employee satisfaction due to time saved

Key Speakers

Mike Sisk
Contributing Editor American Banker
Kate Caldwell
Business Systems Analyst SAFE Credit Union
Justin Engelland
Sr. Director, Product Marketing DocuSign