Transparency: A new era of fixed-income investing for community banks

Thursday, May 7, 2020 2:00 p.m. EDT
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While retail commissions have been falling for decades, community bank fixed income purchases are still subject to non-disclosed commissions. Learn how Checkpoint Capital utilizes trading technology to provide transparent transaction costs for today's community banker.

In a zero-interest rate world, premium bond prices will be the new normal. Mitigating premium risk is a challenge without robust technology. Don Brown from Riskspan will showcase technology that helps community bankers calculate the risks of premium exposure in amortizing assets.

· Understand the risks and costs associated with undisclosed commissions. With margin compression, every basis point counts to stay competitive.

· Learn how the experts analyze premium exposure and cash flows in amortizing asset classes. With the majority of bank assets “in the money,” guessing can be costly and relying on prepay data from the seller can present a conflict of interest.

· Transparency provides bankers with a sense of certainty. Knowing your costs and risks not only saves money but also saves time.

Key Speakers
    Jon Virostek

    President & Founder, Checkpoint Capital

    William K. Weber
    Chief Executive Officer, Checkpoint Capital
  • Don Brown
    Don Brown
    Market Risk Modeling, Riskspan
  • John Roberts
    President and CEO, Loan Transactions & Technology LLC
  • Mike P
    Mike Perkowski
    Co-Founder and Partner, New Reality Media, LLC