Can cyberspace be made more secure?
A five-part podcast series
by John Heltman

Episode 1

There's a War Out There

Cybercrime has emerged as one of the biggest potential sources of risk to the financial system over the last 20 years, and cybersecurity is a paramount concern to bankers everywhere. But can the internet be made more secure?

Episode 2

The Giant Brain

Computers were invented to calculate quickly and efficiently, but the emergence of the internet opened up enticing new possibilities for communication and commerce. But security has long been an afterthought.

Episode 3

The Way We Live Now

The government's approach to cybersecurity has evolved gradually over the last 40 years, and what we have now is a patchwork approach that serves some critical infrastructures better than others.

(Photo credit: The William J. Clinton Presidential Library)

Episode 4

"Something You Know, Something You Have, Something You Are"

Cyberspace exists at the intersection of technology and human error. Is there a technical answer to reducing human error and making the internet more secure? And more secure for whom?

Episode 5

The Codebreaker

The advent of advanced quantum computers could upend encryption as we know it, and a race is on to protect cyberspace before one arrives. But no one knows when that will be, and updating the internet will require a new approach.

(Photo credit: Steve Jurvetson, some rights reserved)