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Organizers aiming to open a de novo just outside Charlotte say there's a need for a new community bank after several years of consolidation in the market.
  • ‘The AI body snatchers have already taken over’

    Artificial intelligence is expected to bring financial services to millions, yet it could also make unethical decisions that unfairly deny credit and widen the divide between haves and have-nots, says Nicolas Economou of the nonprofit Future Society.
  • Mystery shoppers search for signs of discrimination in business lending

    A community group has secured a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to probe banks’ small-business lending practices. It follows a 2017 pilot study in which the group found that white shoppers posing as business owners were three times more likely to be invited for follow-up appointments than their black counterparts and twice as likely to be offered help in completing loan applications.
  • BankThink How 'deep work' could give banks an edge

    It can be hard for bankers to carve out opportunities to tackle complex problems in today’s always-on culture, but it’s important for getting ahead.

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