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The Open Financial Exchange has 7,000 installations. More than a decade ago, the industry saw the data standard as the solution to screen scraping, a practice that bedevils them today.

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As long as there are megabanks, there will be bailouts

Any method for unwinding too-big-to-fail institutions that tries to avoid bailouts is a fool's errand.

The one question every bank must ask — and answer

Almost 40 years ago, a rock music legend asked a question that too many banks are failing to address today.

Six strategies for women fintech CEOs to get funded

It's tougher for women-led technology companies to raise money than it is for men. But the challenge is deeper than overt sexism.
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  • Cross Selling: What's Really Going On?

    This report aims to explore banks’ current practices as they relate to cross-selling.
  • Fintech 2017: Shifting Budgets and Priorities

    SourceMedia Research surveyed executives to assess their plans for overall spending and delve into the opportunities and risks that bankers are seeking to address with their 2017 budgets.
  • Blockchains in Action

    In this report, we analyze the nascent use cases of financial institutions experimenting with distributed database technology, one of the most talked-about innovations in financial services.
  • Open APIs: A Banker's Guide

    Drawing on a proprietary survey of banking executives, this paper explains where the industry sees the most potential for open APIs to enable innovation and improve security, the degree to which banks have adopted the technology and the reasons many remain reluctant to do so.
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