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A bipartisan bill to establish a federal security framework follows a string of efforts beset by congressional turf battles.
  • Bank IT just keeps getting harder

    Bank information technology departments are tasked with making sure their institutions modernize and remain competitive. But their mission brings a host of technical and cost challenges that often stand in the way of innovation.
  • This old-school method for foiling card fraud has stood test of time

    The card activation process is relatively low-tech, but since its introduction nearly three decades ago it has been hugely effective in preventing credit cards from falling into the wrong hands. Among its pioneers was Ash Gupta, American Express’ president of global credit risk, who is retiring next month.
  • BankThink Don’t reinvent the wheel on housing finance: Restore Fannie and Freddie

    As the debate over housing reform heats up, policymakers should give careful consideration to a plan that recapitalizes the government-sponsored enterprises.

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