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While the Trump administration could relax other bank regulations, it is unlikely that it would ease up when it comes to money-laundering compliance.
  • Reinventing a 32-year-old multi-account card for the EMV era

    Achieving the coveted “top of wallet” status is tough for banks, not least because their own credit and debit cards often compete with one another for priority status with the same customers.
  • CFPB suit against Navient followed apparent 'ultimatum'

    The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and two states on Wednesday sued the nation's largest student loan servicer, Navient, for allegedly systematic failures in processing loan payments and failing to enroll borrowers in less expensive repayment plans.
  • End of an era: Citi CEO says 'restructuring is over'

    Michael Corbat told analysts Tuesday that Citi will no longer report Citi Holdings, its erstwhile "bad bank," as a separate entity.

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Why #BankBlack Is Working

The author responds to critics who say the national movement to move money from big banks to black-owned institutions may not be fueling many loans to minorities and residents of low- to moderate-income communities.

There is plenty for banks to worry about in 2017

Any economic environment, including this one, has risks but it is unclear whether banks are sufficiently worried about what lies ahead.

Financial data gathering needs a common standard

Financial innovation will stall unless we, as an industry, collaborate on a universal data gathering standard.
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  • Cross Selling: What's Really Going On?

    This report aims to explore banks’ current practices as they relate to cross-selling.
  • Fintech 2017: Shifting Budgets and Priorities

    SourceMedia Research surveyed executives to assess their plans for overall spending and delve into the opportunities and risks that bankers are seeking to address with their 2017 budgets.
  • Blockchains in Action

    In this report, we analyze the nascent use cases of financial institutions experimenting with distributed database technology, one of the most talked-about innovations in financial services.
  • Open APIs: A Banker's Guide

    Drawing on a proprietary survey of banking executives, this paper explains where the industry sees the most potential for open APIs to enable innovation and improve security, the degree to which banks have adopted the technology and the reasons many remain reluctant to do so.
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