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Often, what motivates people, is convenience rather than half a percentage point.

-Tom Sargent

The growth of the future is not in insured deposits but in other types of relationships. People want financial advisors.

-Bob Dorsa

It seems to me you have two choices. You can sit back and break your arms patting yourselves on the back, or you can ask what are you going to do following the win on HR 1151. The question is what do credit unions do now that they have been fully legitimized?

-Paul Kanjorski

If members love you, why do they leave you?

-Tyrus C. Ragland

The credit union as a whole tends to look at the CFO as a bottleneck. And why does that bottleneck occur? The budget.

-Randy Harrington

On what basis does the federal regulator tell a trade association how it needs to be governed?

-Dan Mica

A problem with an MCIF is that you often need a "high priest"...to run the whole thing.

-Butch Leonardson

In the past two to three years everyone thought the Internet was going to make for a tremendous leveling of the playing field. So far, it hasn't.

-Rory Rowland

The future is in understanding the value of the relationship, not just the account.

-Brian G. Connell

You're going to have to start charging fees. If you don't get your loan-to-share ratio numbers up, you'll have to find other ways to make money. You have to find noninterest income.

-Dennis McQuistion

Microsoft's time of dominance is over.

-Kevin Maney

Research shows the picture of the board of directors is the least visited page on the credit union website. The most visited is the picture of the CEO, probably because he's clicking on it himself.

-Paul Fiore

Everybody says diversity is good, but I ask, 'What are you doing to make it happen?'

-Pete Crear

The big challenge is how we will position ourselves as credit unions in this new, very challenging environment of the e-world.

-Arthur Arnold

Consumers have been taught to accept a non-satisfying bank relationship. They are tolerant lemmings.

-Adam Mandel

Of course it's unsecured. It's not like we can take back the eyes as collateral.

-James Malone, Galveston Government ECU, on its LASIK surgery loans

With our people many times when they are in need of funds they have insomnia; they cannot sleep until they get their funds. But once they get their loans they have amnesia.

-Agapito Acquino

I understand going to meetings and conferences is important...(but) if your board and senior staff go to a planning session and need to use a passport, that's probably a little excessive.

-Tom Dorety

It's not called the Banking Committee for nothing.

-Carl Parks

The tragedy of board members who agree they need to step down in order to let in fresh blood is that often they are the most effective board members. Who stays behind? The dolts.

-Dennis McQuistion

Hire slowly, fire quickly.

-Pat Williams

When you change your charter, you were hunting elk and now you're a fisherman. You need to change what you're doing. You can sit all day on the boat with a shotgun and it isn't going to do you any good.

-Randy Harrington

Not On The Christmas List

Just like credit unions, quitters are parasites. They live off the rest of society. They are un-productive and contribute nothing that is good for anyone other than themselves.

-Ken Fergeson, ABA board member (c) 2007 The Credit Union Journal and SourceMedia, Inc. All Rights Reserved. http://www.cujournal.com http://www.sourcemedia.com

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