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Disruption & Innovation
A new path forward for digital banks and their customers.
There is an emotional and human aspect in all relationships and that holds true for the bond between individuals and brands. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought both the strengths and weaknesses in customer experience under the spotlight. This episode will focus on how connecting with customers and ensuring they have a positive experience with a company is paramount, particularly in a pandemic-driven world. Join our host, Brooke Worden, President of The Rudin Group and guest speaker, Virgil Miller, Chief Operating Officer of Aflac U.S. and President of Aflac Group in a discussion that will highlight how and why Aflac is emphasizing three key aspects of the customer experience in 2020.
December 11
When both origination and forbearance demand spiked in the early weeks of COVID-19, quick thinking lenders were able to leverage their expertise and tech stacks to respond quickly.
October 22
From finding new efficiencies to redefining the customer experience; fintechs are permanently changing financial services. But what does the actual acquisition process look like?
October 22
The coronavirus pandemic has turned every industry on its head. For lending, it exposed the need for modernized, fully digital platforms.
October 22
Banks, lenders, and fintechs have been on a path toward digitizing the mortgage process from end-to-end — long before the term coronavirus entered our daily lexicon. How has the pandemic affected progress?
October 22
Great leaders emerge from failure in the world of financial services and fintech is no exception. Moven founder Brett King shares his take on persistence and how it’s worked for him.
British challenger bank Revolut launched in the U.S. in March, just as the market began experiencing shutdowns. What are its expansion plans as the Coronavirus impacts the global banking industry?
July 31
Fintechs are facing unique challenges in the pandemic. There might be a resurgence in funding on the horizon, but startups are looking to see what they can do now to weather the storm.
July 31
The pandemic will have an impact on customer adoption of digital technologies. Financial institutions and fintechs can achieve growth by gaining consumers' trust and changing their mindset about new platforms.
July 31
Future of the Workplace
During 2020, our society has been faced with an economic crisis, health crisis, social justice crisis and environmental crisis. The pandemic has rapidly changed how banks engage with customers and employees; accelerating the shift from in-person interactions to digital engagements. Successfully leading a digital transformation requires much more than smart technology choices, culture is key.
December 31
What Jason Gardner, founder and CEO of Marqeta, has learned leading a 450-person fintech from home.
October 8
2020 has been a year of adapting and accelerating customer experience goals based on changing customer behaviors. Arizent CEO Gemma Postlethwaite speaks with Beth Johnson, Chief Experience Officer at Citizens Financial Group, about aligning an organization around the voice of the customer, taking a holistic view of front-end and back-end investments, and designing experiences for a full range of customer interactions, from answering daily needs to delivering higher value insights and deep advice.
October 6
A conversation with Greg Carmichael, Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, Fifth Third Bancorp discussing the consumer banking trends and lessons learned during the pandemic.
The travel industry was hit extremely hard by the coronavirus pandemic. WEX, a payments processing and financial technology solutions organization with offerings for corporate travelers, felt the shockwave first hand.
September 7
Managing a major lender in the midst of COVID fears and social unrest has required a rethink of banking norms. Exploring the executive decisions all leaders must consider is the recipient of American Banker’s Banker of the Year award.
It may be a long time before corporate travel resembles anything close to normal. While most organizations keep their generic travel bans in place, which increasingly look likely to last for the remainder of the year, what are the predictions around restarting business travel in the near future?
This year's social and economic upheaval due to the pandemic and protests against racism is also impacting hiring and recruitment at banks. Hear what companies are doing to change employment practices in response to these crises.
July 31
Nationwide lockdowns forced most firms to shift from offices to homes. One bank details its experience in moving to a remote-first work environment and how it managed the transition.
July 31
Michal Katz, Head of Investment and Corporate Banking in the Americas at Mizuho talks with Gemma Postlethwaite, CEO of Arizent, about organizational flexibility born out of the Covid-19 crisis and supporting the long-term diverse needs of a distributed workforce.
July 31
The Most Powerful Women in Banking Highlights
Jill Castilla shares how she and Mark Cuban, the Shark Tank/Mavericks mogul, met and have been helping small businesses survive the pandemic.
The events of 2020 have only served to accelerate a number of potentially disruptive trends among consumers when it comes to banking and financial services — What does the emerging future of consumer and retail banking now look like?
October 16
Jane Fraser, President of Citigroup and CEO of Global Consumer Bank, shares her thoughts on becoming the firm’s next CEO, expresses her gratitude for the outpouring of support she’s received, and pays homage to all the women who have paved the path before her.
October 16
Innovation is key in today's dynamic market. Suni Harford, president, asset management at UBS walks us through two significant innovations she drove in the asset management industry this year — including a ground-breaking approach to climate change and sustainable investing.
October 15
Customers' needs and expectations changed drastically in 2020, overturning conventional thinking about their experience in the process. How can we strike the right balance between embracing digital channels and recognizing the value of human touch?
October 15
Mary Mack, who heads Wells Fargo's consumer banking and small business division, talks about the challenges of reforming a bank's culture from the inside, the rise of women in the banking industry and reaching customers who need their services the most
City National Bank CEO Kelly Coffey talks about what she’s doing to create a more transparent and supportive workplace, as well as the challenges of expanding during a pandemic.
Bank of America's Managing Director for Small Business Sharon Miller led the company's involvement in the Paycheck Protection Program, which produced more than 343.000 loans, most in the country.
Focus on Fintech
If you are underbanked you probably have limited access to mainstream financial services normally offered by retail banks. Many fintech startups offer alternative ways to measure credit risk, and assert that their products can help extend financial services to consumers who have not been well-served by traditional banks.
Join Jim McKelvey, co-founder of Square as he offers his insights into where the Fintech industry is headed next year. Will a Biden administration insist on greater regulation? What will happen in the cryptocurrency markets? What will be the big IPOs in the sector? Will GooglePlex make a big splash? What new technologies or applications should we be expecting?
Diversity & Inclusion
If you haven't met Suzanne Shank you should. She is the chair and CEO of Siebert Williams Shank & Co. LLC, the nation’s largest female-and minority-owned, privately held finance firm, which she started with the legendary Muriel Siebert. Join us in an intimate conversation and hear her perspective on some of the most critical issues of the day.
January 6
It’s been proven time and again that women look at problems differently than male counterparts. It’s part of what makes balanced teams critical to the success of any organization. Women leaders, in particular, demonstrate heightened communication skills, a dedication to mentorship, a willingness to invest in continuous learning, a knack for building effective teams, and the ability to motivate employees with empathy and empowerment. This episode will provide perspectives from women leaders with real-world examples of achieving company goals without sacrificing humanity along the way.
December 22
Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles have moved from nice-to-have to business critical. Hear how Citi is facilitating and driving change.
The flow of assets and capital in manager selection, municipal bonds and business and mortgage capital reveals forms of systemic racism that often get overlooked.
December 7
Invaluable insight for those in the LGBTQ community and all those who want to be better allies from the lived experience of Maeve DuVally from Goldman Sachs
November 25
Despite tangible evidence dispelling that it's hard to find Black talent, the financial services have yet to crack the code when it comes to building a representational workforce. But is it a sufficient solution on its own?
November 16
While many companies and organizations try, diversity and inclusion efforts within the financial services have generally failed. What needs to be done in order to succeed? Join us for a panel discussion featuring guests from the Access Denied: Systemic Racism in Financial Services podcast.
In the first episode of the five-part Arizent documentary series, we look at how disparities in net worth and mortgage discrimination impact Black home ownership — and why it's impossible to close the gaps without attacking systemic racism.
October 26
From pervasive discrimination at work to the dangers of #BankingWhileBlack, Black people in America face serious hurdles when engaging with the financial services. Join us for a panel discussion featuring guests from the upcoming Access Denied: Systemic Racism in Financial Services podcast.
Despite tangible evidence dispelling that it's hard to find Black talent, the financial services have yet to crack the code when it comes to building a representational workforce. But is it a sufficient solution on its own?
Regulation & Policy
A growing number of states have chosen to decriminalize or legalize cannabis in recent years. As a result, the legal cannabis industry has experienced exponential growth. Yet banks and other financial institutions are still largely reluctant to partner with cannabis firms due to the lingering conflict between state and federal law. Join us in a conversation with Tony Repanich, the President and COO of Shield Compliance, where we'll discuss the opportunity for financial institutions to serve this industry today, how financial institutions can navigate the regulatory, compliance, and operational challenges facing this sector, and steps the Biden Administration may take to improve the environment for banking this industry. 
The events of 2020 have only helped to intensify a range of potentially disruptive developments in the payment industry. As the central bank's digital currencies advance, how will the government and the private sector work together to bring projects to an effective conclusion?
November 16
The pivotal issue of the November vote will be a divided government versus a united government, and its possible effect on policies that can drive the economy and markets.
Former HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros and Regional Plan Association president Tom Wright join The Bond Buyer for a discussion on the ways life and work in American cities are being altered by the pandemic — and future challenges it illuminates.
The pandemic has changed Americans’ tolerance for germ-laden cash transactions. Aaron Klein, the Economic Studies Policy Director at the Brookings Institution is worried about how the latest stride toward a cashless society is impacting lower-income communities.
September 15
The regulatory road ahead is as uncertain and risky to banks as the pandemic.
A historic charter award defines a new beginning for digital banking, Varo Money becomes the first consumer fintech in US history to gain full regulatory approval to become a national bank
With continued economic instability as a result of the coronavirus, how will the US manage the uncertainty that appears to have no end in sight.
August 20
Future of Money
This Leaders episode with PaymentsSource’s John Adams and Ripple’s Asheesh Birla, provides insight into the evolving blockchain landscape, examines how Ripple has navigated a shifting competitive environment, and takes a look at what lies ahead for RippleNet.
New technological innovations, consumer behavior shifts, competition from fresh digital entrants, and regulatory reforms herald the payment environment of tomorrow. In addition, the current pandemic is pushing players to rethink their market fundamentals in an already transitioning industry. Join John Adams, Executive Editor of PaymentsSource and our special guest, Andrew Jamison a virtual card expert with twelve plus years at American Express and CEO & Co-Founder of Extend, in a discussion about the business strategy, management, and innovations in the post pandemic ecosystem and how it can serve the way the economy is headed.
How do you connect with the customer in today’s environment? Citi's new head of branded cards, Pam Habner, sits down with PaymentsSource's Daniel Wolfe to talk about purpose-driven leadership and how companies can take a stand on issues that matter.
The COVID-19 pandemic has radically changed consumers’ attitudes and behaviors toward money and payments. What has changed?
December 8
Kicking off its Rising Stars Week, The Bond Buyer announces the 2020 class and sits down with three newly-minted members to discuss the muni market's adaptation to and recovery from pandemic-driven challenges.
Nano Banc's president, Mark Troncale sits down with PaymentsSource's senior editor Kate Fitzgerald to discuss how the fintech decided to be amongst the first wave of small-to-midsize banks adopting The Clearing House's real-time payments solution. So how did it go?
October 15
The pandemic has had a tremendous impact on the global and US economies, household incomes, and consumer spending. The world's most valuable financial services firm is ready to share insight around the global and US effects of COVID-19.
July 31
AI & Automation
PaymentSource's Daniel Wolfe sits down with Carey O’Connor Kolaja, AU10TIX's new CEO to discuss the rise in synthetic fraud, the fastest-growing financial crime, and how payments security has been changed by the pandemic.
The industry has long talked about embracing digital technology — but the time for talk may be over.
October 6
One banks journey of taking an AI idea from inception to experience. How organizations can ensure the shift from pilot projects to full-scale AI fluency goes right
August 27
Artificial intelligence presents new and unique challenges to ethics and morality. U.S. Bank discusses why a deliberate ethical framework must serve as the bedrock for any company’s AI efforts
July 31