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Ken Feinberg on How Banks Can Protect Against a Pay Backlash

The former Tarp pay master urges banks to head off anger over executive compensation by voluntarily complying with pay standards laid out by regulators.

KeyCorp's Digital Banking Upgrades

Beth Mooney, CEO of KeyCorp, explains how the bank has apportioned its investments in online and mobile banking.

Beth Mooney's Advice to Women in Banking

Understand your core competencies and wear your ambition lightly, recommends Beth Mooney, CEO of KeyCorp, to women who aspire to careers in banking.

Let Talent Decide 'Jump Balls,' Not Gender: KeyCorp’s Beth Mooney

Does gender matter in banking? It does and it doesn't, explains KeyCorp CEO Beth Mooney, who also addresses whether she ever felt gender was an issue for her personally during her banking career.

What Being a Good Role Model Means to Beth Mooney

KeyCorp's CEO shares her views on setting the right example for others in the banking industry.

The Rapidly Shrinking Pool of Female Bank CEOs

Today only three women helm major U.S. banks. But according to Beth Mooney, CEO of KeyCorp, it's only a matter of time before some female executives climb those last few rungs of the corporate ladder.

Women Can Change the Conversation: Zions' LeeAnne Linderman

Absolutely, gender matters in every industry, says Zions' LeeAnne Linderman. And she noticed a difference at Zions as more women joined the senior ranks.

Gender Always Matters: Bank of America's Cathy Bessant

Men and women approach life differently, says Cathy Bessant, Bank of America's global technology and operations executive. Women tend to care more about their legacy, and not many would take satisfaction in having a tombstone that says, "great banker."

Women Need to Hang In There: Ally Bank's Barbara Yastine

Count Ally Bank CEO Barbara Yastine among those who think gender is still an issue in banking. Here's what she thinks women can do about it.

Mooney on Guidance for the 'Daughters' of Banking

KeyCorp Chairman and CEO Beth Mooney's advice for career success.

Mooney: We Have an Extra Obligation to Do It Well

KeyCorp's Beth Mooney on what her CEO role symbolizes.

JPM's Erdoes Answers the Critics

Accepting her award as American Banker's Most Powerful Women in Finance, Mary Callahan Erdoes of JPMorgan Chase delights her audience with a humorous anecdote, and unapologetic pride, about working in the industry today.

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Alemany: We've Gone from a Lack of Data to Big Data

Lifetime Achievement honoree Ellen Alemany notes how the industry has evolved since the start of her career. Alemany, the recently retired head of RBS Citizens Financial Group, accepted the award at an American Banker gala celebrating the industry’s most powerful women.

What Would You Tell Your Daughter?
Women in Banking: Pathways to Power

How today's female executives are clearing roadblocks to the executive suite.

KeyCorp's Beth Mooney: The Most Powerful Woman in Banking

The KeyCorp chairman and CEO on the extra obligation she feels to help bring more women into leadership positions.

KeyCorp's Beth Mooney on the Business Environment for Banks

The KeyCorp chairman and CEO discusses the advantages of the regional banking model, the U.S. economic picture and how banks are coping with it.

KeyCorp's Beth Mooney: 'This Is the New Normal'

The KeyCorp chairman and CEO says the new regulatory, reputational and cost pressures on banks aren't going away anytime soon.

Celebrating 10 Years

The Most Powerful Women in Banking and Finance, Then and Now

Women in Banking Keynote: Sheryl Wudunn

The author and Pulitzer Prize-Winning journalist discusses the plight of woman around the world and how to bring about change.

Women in Banking Keynote: Irene Dorner

Irene Dorner, The most powerful woman in banking and chief executive officer of HSBC USA, Irene Dorner, speaks about creating an inclusive workplace, her secrets for success and how to restore banking's good name.

The 25 Most Powerful Women in Finance

From capital markets to card networks, businesses in the finance sector are benefiting from these women's efforts.

1. Mary Callahan Erdoes

CEO, JPMorgan Asset Management

Mary Callahan Erdoes is grateful for the technology that gives her the flexibility to work from anywhere, but she wouldn't mind the occasional blackout zone.

"I thought it was the worst thing when they created WiFi on overnight European flights," jokes the head of JPMorgan Chase's asset management division. "It was my last spot of sanity."

Of course, working on planes, trains and automobiles is de rigueur for the woman who oversees the management of $2.4 trillion in client assets at the country's largest banking company. Since assuming her role in 2009, Erdoes has made asset management a reliable warhorse atJPMorgan, generating 11% of the company's annual revenue and net income in 2013.

(See Erdoes' full profile here.)

Successful. Influential. Innovative. These women are driving results at their institutions, and paving the way for the female talent behind them.

Whether newcomers to the power scene or bank industry veterans taking on a new challenge, these women bear keeping an eye on.

From capital markets to card networks, businesses in the finance sector are benefiting from these women's efforts.

More than 600 supporters were on hand to honor the 75 executives on American Banker's lists of the top women in banking and finance. The gala dinner, held Thursday at the Waldorf Astoria in New York, was preceded by a wine tasting the previous evening at the New Museum, where honorees with their guests toasted their achievements.

The exhibit, showcasing the work of 11 photo-journalists, opens in Washington, DC, on Oct. 10 and will travel over the next three years to five other cities where PNC does business. Here is a sample.
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