Beau Goldie

Beau Goldie is the CEO of the Santa Clara Valley Water District, a public agency providing Silicon Valley a safe, clean and a reliable water supply, flood protection and environmental stewardship. The agency serves about 2 million people in Santa Clara County, encompassing 15 cities.Beau leads an organization of 752 employees with a $478 million FY 2016 operating and capital budget. The budget reflects significant investment in the county’s comprehensive water resources management system, including rehabilitating the county’s aging water infrastructure and accelerating recycled/purified water supply to develop a more drought resilient water supply. Since beginning his career at the water district in 1984, Beau has led projects in all areas of the organization: water supply, flood protection and environmental stewardship. Beau is the 2015 Chair of the California Urban Water Agencies Board of Directors, and also serves on the boards of the Joint Venture Silicon Valley, Bay Area Council, the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber, the State Water Project Contractors Authority, and Destination Home. He is also member of numerous local and regional organizations and committees, including the Santa Clara City Manager’s Association, the State and Federal Water Contractors Agency, the San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority, the Bay Delta Conservation Plan Committee, the State Water Contractors Committee, and the BDCP Resolution Committee.Beau is a registered civil engineer in California, and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Resources Engineering, and a Master’s Degree in Civil Engineering. He is a member of American Leadership Forum Class XXV.