Corey Glaze

Corey Glaze is the Sr. Sales Engineer of BitPay, a digital currency company with products and services that make it easy for payment processors, merchants, and consumers to accept and use bitcoin as a form of payment. For the past 20 years, Corey has been building transaction processing platforms and services being used by millions of consumers at retail and online businesses worldwide.Prior to joining forces with BitPay, Corey served as the Director of Product Development at InComm for 9 years, architecting prepaid products and platforms in the financial services sector. These platforms include game-changing consumer facing products such as the first open-loop gift card program sold at retail, General Purpose Reloadable products and retail cash-in networks such as the Vanilla Reload Network & the PayPal My Cash product. Corey's most recent prepaid program is called the BitPay Visa� Prepaid Debit Card. The BitPay Visa� Prepaid Debit Card allows cardholders to top-up dollars onto their card using any bitcoin wallet.