Dena Bauckman, director of product and target markets for the Communications Software Group of Sterling Commerce, has marketed electronic commerce and networking software products for 15 years. Bauckman started her career at Hewlett-Packard working on SNA and X.25 communications software products. She later joined Soft Switch, now a division of IBM, that developed electronic mail gateway products using X.400 and SMTP and Texas Instrument, working on their mainframe and UNIX EDI products (now owned by Harbinger. Throughout her career, Bauckman's focus has been on working with customers and prospects to understand the issues of business-to-business electronic communications. Because the Internet can provide businesses and inexpensive, highly accessible vehicles for bringing companies closer to their business partners, Bauckman's focus has been on adopting Internet technologies into the CONNECT product family as a key component for moving and managing information. Bauckman can be reached at dena_bauc