Dipendra Malhotra

Dipendra Malhotra is a senior architect and vice president at Syscore Solutions International. He partners with client teams to create information integration strategies and business intelligence roadmaps in multiple industry verticals including financial services, communications, retail, entertainment and manufacturing. Prior to Syscore, he worked at Atre Group, DataMirror, Accenture and Bell Canada where he focused on design and implementation of large-scale data and information architectures including enterprise reporting, data warehouses, messaging and reporting solutions, real-time data integration, wireless data collection and business performance monitoring solutions. Over the years, he has played a key role in guiding the product strategy and market direction for ETL and reporting tools. Malhotra has presented at numerous industry conferences including BI SIGs, the Meta Data Conference and ETL User Group Conferences and has published Business Intelligence Best Practices Roadmap that has included evaluation of more than 100 BI related tools and service providers. He may be contacted at dipendra.malhotra@syscore.com.