Dustin McDonald

Dustin McDonald is the Vice President of Government Relations for Weedmaps, where he leads the effort to engage Congress, the Administration and state and local governments on marijuana policy reforms.� Dustin joined Weedmaps in 2016 after serving for three and a half years as the Director of the GFOA’s Federal Liaison Center, where he led advocacy on municipal finance issues for the Public Finance Network, a coalition of state, county and city government associations.� At GFOA Dustin was also lead staff on the GFOA’s Committee on Governmental Debt Management, working with committee members to develop best practices that promote sound financial practices for state and local governments.�Prior to his work with GFOA Dustin spent 10 years providing direct federal advocacy services to local governments and local government agencies from across the U.S., working as a member of Holland & Knight’s Public Policy and Regulation Group, as well as the government relations practice of MARC Associates.� In this role Dustin led successful advocacy campaigns on a diverse group of issues, including municipal finance and tax reform, multi-modal transportation and related infrastructure, housing and economic development, water and wastewater infrastructure improvements, telecommunications reform and public safety.�Before entering the private sector Dustin served in the office of former California Congressman Steve Horn.