Eden Perry

Eden Perry is a�� Director in the U.S. Public Finance (USPF) department for the U.S. States�� group at Standard & Poor's Rating Services in New York. Eden joined�� Standard & Poor’s from 2001-2009, covering state and local credits along�� the east coast and midwest regions. She rejoined the U.S. States group in�� April 2015. In this function, Eden is the lead analyst for the states of�� Alabama, Arkansas, Delaware, Indiana, Missouri, New Hampshire, New York, North�� Carolina, Ohio, Vermont, and Texas.In addition to�� rating bonds, Eden has published sector-wide reports on state pensions, debt derivatives, and debt statement analysis. In the past, Eden was a sector leader for the�� lease and federal lease, debt derivatives, and debt sector teams and�� contributed to criteria development within these sectors.Before joining�Standard & Poor’s, Eden was a volunteer in the United States Peace Corps�� in Morocco working in maternal and child healthcare.�