Jason  Kuhn

Jason Kuhn

Jason Kuhn is the Director of ATM Product Development and the Chief Privacy Officer for Payment Alliance International (PAI), the winner of the 2011 ISO of the Year award from the Electronic Transactions Association (ETA). With over 15 years of ATM and electronic payments industry experience, Jason has been involved in the development and rollout of a variety of innovative products and services. His many contributions to the ATM industry range from manufacturing, product design, custom software development, vendor management, transaction processing, PCI compliance, and much more. Prior to joining PAI, Jason was Vice President of WRG Services Inc., which was acquired by PAI in 2010. He currently chairs the PAI Data Security Council and serves on the ATM Integrated Payments Standards Forum, formed in March 2011 by the International Payments Forum to publish industry best practices recommendations for enabling integrated payments through ATMs.