Jennifer Johnston

Jennifer Johnston is a Vice President and Analyst at Franklin Templeton Investments. She joined the company in 1993 and heads the municipal tax-backed group focused on GO’s, leases/COPs and dedicated tax bonds. Ms. Johnston has been involved in Franklin’s efforts in Stockton, Detroit and Puerto Rico.Ms. Johnston earned her bachelors from Santa Clara University and an MPA from the University of San Francisco. She is a past chair of the National Federation of Municipal Analysts (NFMA) and currently serves as chair of the Industry Practices Committee and co-chaired two annual conferences. She is a member and former chair of the California Society of Municipal Analysts (CSMA) and was awarded the CSMA’s Amy S. Doppelt Award for Meritorious Service. Ms. Johnston is a member of the San Francisco Municipal Bond Club and a past president of The Junior League of San Francisco.