Jesus Olivares

The Laredo City Council officially named Eagle Pass native Jesus Olivares, as the City Manager in March of 2015, after being named interim city manager four months earlier following the retirement of the former City Manager. Olivares had been serving as an Assistant City Manager for the City of Laredo since 2007.Olivares once served as the City Manager for the City of Eagle Pass, after working as the Director of the Parks Department for the City of Eagle Pass, Laredo and Austin.As Eagle Pass City Manager, Olivares was instrumental in implementing the first phase of a $23 million CIP bond package, including investing $10 million in two and a half years, for streets, parks, drainage/watershed protection, and a convention center, land, and other buildings.�While serving as the director for the City of Austin Parks & Recreation Department, Olivares oversaw many initiatives that added 16,000 park acreage; revitalized neglected park space in the community; added almost $24 million in money, resources� and volunteerism; and helped develop a conservancy program to protect local bird and inspect species, as well as adding or enhancing 10 major parks, a youth center, recreation centers, swimming pools and a water feature throughout the city of Austin.��As director for the City of Laredo Department of Parks & Recreation, he was responsible for planning and administering programs and all operational functions of the parks, recreation centers, cemetery, Mercado, Laredo Public Library, Civic Center, Telecommunications Center, and Center for Non-Profit Management.�Most recently, his tenure in Laredo was serving as one of two Assistant City Managers, where he oversaw the Airport, Laredo Bridge System, Engineering, Environmental Services, Fleet, Public Works, Solid Waste, Traffic, Transit Metro Bus System, and the Utilities �departments, which represents the operation division of the City’s management system.�“I would like to build on the partnerships with all taxing entities in Laredo, and we should pride ourselves on a collaborative effort, to leverage our resources to maximize all of our tax dollars,” said Olivares.� “Laredo is in a strategic position to move to the next level and I am happy to be a part of Laredo’s growth. With over 34 years of municipal government experience, I am knowledgeable in creating and managing projects that enhance the quality of life for a community, as well as having the strong fiscal management ability to help impact a city’s economic development.� Having worked in both a larger metropolitan community, like the City of Austin, as well as a smaller community, like my hometown of Eagle Pass, I have the ability to see how big ideas can be made into a reality at the local level,” he concluded.Olivares has a bachelors of science in recreation administration from Southwest Texas State University, now Texas State University.�