Jodie Misiak

As Senior Advisor and Implementation Project Manager for the Build America Bureau, Jodie Misiak is coordinating the establishment of an innovative finance bureau within U.S. DOT, in accordance with the FAST Act transportation re-authorization legislation. Before the establishment of the Bureau, Ms. Misiak served as BATIC’s Director of Project Development, responsible for overseeing and coordinating the prioritization, tracking, and implementation of projects, from preliminary planning through financing. �Previously, as Director of Maryland DOT’s Office of Innovative Project Delivery, Ms. Misiak guided the Department’s P3 and other innovative finance initiatives, including all stages of project development, solicitation, and delivery. She served as MDOT’s point person for statewide efforts to strengthen and clarify P3 policies and processes, including the P3 Commission that was convened in 2011 and the P3 law that was enacted in 2013. Prior to joining MDOT, she held positions in Economics and Business Solutions at Halcrow and in the Municipal Securities at UBS, specializing in transportation finance. She holds a bachelor’s degree in International Studies from Johns Hopkins University and dual master’s degrees in City Planning and Transportation from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.�