John  Levonick

John Levonick

John Levonick, Chief Compliance Counsel at Opus CMC, has 13+ years of proven success in regulatory compliance for consumer financial services. John has worked directly with creditors, servicers, issuers and investors in providing guidance on regulatory compliance requirements and risk management.Prior to joining Opus, John held executive leadership roles with a loan origination technology and document provider, prominent due diligence firms, a student loan originator and servicer, and a mortgage lending fulfillment business process outsourcer.� John has deep insights on the consumer lending market, process deficiencies, risk issues, and market dynamics, and has consulted extensively with clients to help remediate their challenges through process, technology and compliance solutions.His experience as a Chief Legal Officer, Chief Compliance Officer, Regulatory Counsel and Associate General Counsel has given him the opportunity to provide guidance to market participants in navigating the challenges of a constantly changing regulatory environment.