Marcus  Faust

Marcus Faust

Marcus Faust directs client engagements covering the full range of RP Financial�s services with particular focus on Enterprise Risk Management (�ERM�), Corporate and Risk Governance, Stress Testing, Business, Capital, Strategic Planning, Merger Advisory and enforcement action consulting engagements.With over 27 years of experience both as an adviser and in the roles of senior executive officer, Board member and as principal at private and public banks, he has held positions as Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Financial Officer and banking regulator. He has served on the board of six banks and as a principal organizer of three de novo banks, raised capital, developed strategic plans, setup operations and recruited management and directors.Mr. Faust has worked extensively with bank management, Boards, regulators, auditors, investors and investment bankers. He has developed and implemented formal ERM programs, business, strategic and capital plans to pursue business opportunities and mitigate risk identified through examination, due diligence and Enterprise Risk Assessment processes; developed and implemented restructuring plans; and negotiated, executed and integrated bank mergers. He contributes to industry publications and frequently speaks on governance, strategic, risk management and regulatory matters.Mr. Faust earned his undergraduate degree from Rollins College and a Masters of Business Administration from Vanderbilt University.