Mark Salimena

Mr. Mark Salimena has been in the industry for more than 25 years and joined Optimal Capital Group in November 2009.� Mark has managed the successful structuring, pricing, and closing of more than $1 billion of notional amount associated to bond transactions and interest rate hedging products each year since 2003.� He has extensive municipal derivative pricing experience, including product specialization in forward delivery interest rate structures as well as various option agreements.� He is highly regarded in spreadsheet cash-flow/trade-valuation analysis and regularly speaks at industry conferences on Municipal Advisory topics including derivative products. As such, Mark has become familiar with many of the concerns and challenges facing governmental entities. He has considerable experience in implementing debt (including derivative) policies, evaluating and proposing specific structures, and assisting in the negotiation of documentation prior to the execution of any transaction. He has an extensive history and knowledge of underlying bond structures, bond and bond issuer language, and also serves to provide outstanding and consistent client communicationOver the years, Mr. Salimena has served in various roles in the industry including as a financial advisor and swap advisor.� This allows him the opportunity to fully understand the needs of his clients in terms of financial integration and overall risk management.� In addition to Mark’s business experience, he served as Budget Director for the Finance Department of Camden County, New Jersey.�