Mike Hoskins

Actian CTO Michael Hoskins directs Actian�s technology innovation strategies and evangelizes game-changing trends in big data, analytics, Hadoop and cloud to give insight into Accelerating Big Data 2.0�. Mike, a Distinguished and Centennial Alumnus of Ohio�s Bowling Green State University, is a respected technology thought leader who has been featured in�TechCrunch,�Forbes.com,�Datanami, The Register�and�Scobleizer. Mike has been a featured speaker at events worldwide, including�Strata NY + Hadoop World, keynoting at DeployCon, the �Open Standards and Cloud Computing� panel at the Annual Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, the �Scaling the Database in the Cloud� panel at Structure, and the �Many Faces of Map Reduce � Hadoop and Beyond� panel at Structure Big Data.� Mike received the AITP Austin chapter�s Information Technologist of the Year Award for his leadership in developing Actian DataFlow, a highly parallelized framework to leverage multicore. Follow Mike on Twitter:�@MikeHSays.