Ronald L. Welch, Ph. D.

Ronald L. Welch, Ph.D. is proprietor of Municipal Information Services (MIS), which provides economic, demographic, geographic and data management services primarily within the Houston metropolitan statistical area (HMSA). He received his doctorate in economics from the University of Houston in 1981, specializing in state & local government finance, urban economics, and water & wastewater development. His published thesis is styled, The True Interest Costs of Municipal Utility District Securities. Since then Welch has been a financial advisor to MUDs for Juran & Moody, worked for various Houston real estate developers and, most recently was an economists and the economic data manager for UH’s Institute for Regional Forecasting.MIS has been compiling real estate, financial and development information on the MUDs located within the HMSA since the mid-1970s. This data combined with information from the Census Bureau, the BLS, the counties’ central appraisal districts and the MUDs’ consultants allows for comprehensive economic, demographic and geospatial analysis for: estimating water demand, determining fire and emergency services needs and infrastructure, and planning and budgeting for local governments. MIS’s client include regional water and river authorities, emergency services districts, bond rating agencies, developers and REALTORS�.�Welch is a licensed Texas Broker/REALTOR� and has been a board member of Harris-Ft. Bend Counties MUD #3 since 1984. He has been a member of the Association of Water Board Directors since the 1980s and has spoken about MUD bonds, economics and other issues during AWBD summer conferences.