Scott Smith

Mayor Smith was elected uncontested to a second term and has successfully worked to jumpstart Mesa’s economic development efforts with initiatives like iMesa, StartUp Mesa and the H.E.A.T. initiative. He is credited with stabilizing the city’s finances and putting Mesa on a positive fiscal path that withstood the recession. He led the effort to bring four legacy colleges to downtown Mesa and establishing the Mesa Center for Higher Education. He is the incoming president of the US Conference of Mayors starting his term this June – marking the first time an Arizona mayor has led the organization. Mayor Smith earned a degree in Accounting from Brigham Young University, and MBA and Juris Doctor degrees from Arizona State University. The Arizona Republic named Mayor Smith the city’s MVP stating that, “Smith is restoring Mesa to its rightful place as a regional leader. He has strengthened ties with several cities and has gained the confidence of many skeptical residents the change is so marked that we shudder to think what shape the city would be in without him at the helm.”