Steven M. Ayer

Steven M. Ayer, CIMA ®, AIF®, is a Managing Director and Partner with Strata Wealth Management at Hightower Advisors LLC. Ayer has been in the financial industry since 1994. He worked at two of the largest broker\/dealers on the Street before joining Hightower, a premier, registered investment advisory firm with a national presence. After acquiring a degree in Finance from Southern Connecticut State University, he amassed a broad knowledge of economics, asset allocation, and alternative investments which he uses to complement Strata Wealth Management's diversification strategy. Ayer is going to begin hosting his own radio show at http:\/\/\/show\/1938\/strategic-wealth , starting July 21, 2011 at 11am EST every Thursday. The show's title is Strategic Wealth: Choosing Financial Simplicity. Steven currently resides in Ledyard, Connecticut, with his wife Delia and their four children, Cyrus, Sofia, Madison, and Isobel. Therefore, it has been a natural progression for him to release this set of principles that he uses to help him make better choices, not only at work, but in life in general. These Quotes, Thoughts, and Actions have been a true blessing to him. They have been instrumental in helping him overcome the many challenges of life along with those that accompany a financial advisory practitioner in the midst of one of the worst economic\/market environments in the history of the United States. \r\n\r\n