Steven Victor

Mr. Victor has been a member of the professional staff of Development Specialists, Inc. ("DSI"), since 1988. While with DSI, Mr. Victor has had the opportunity to administer and oversee the operations of a number of manufacturing/processing companies in a variety of circumstances including Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, workout situations, general consulting engagements, and through a variety of out-of-Court liquidation scenarios. As a result of the instability of the technology sector, Mr. Victor has spent a significant amount of time involved with workout situations and bankruptcies in the telecommunications and dot-com arenas. His engagements have spanned these industries, handling such areas as broadband capacity, co-location facilities, DSL providers, equipment manufacturers, retail services and telecom accounts receivable factoring. Since joining Development Specialists, Mr. Victor has assumed the operating responsibility and/or CFO functions for a publicly-traded recreational vehicle manufacturer, a publicly-traded specialty petroleum product refinery, and at least three mortgage servicing companies. During his tenure at DSI, Mr. Victor has provided interim management services to one of the largest 7-11 franchisees in the country and to the market's largest manufacturer and distributor of nail polishes and artificial fingernails. Additionally, Mr. Victor accepted a post-bankruptcy/receivership role as CFO for an international multi-debtor food diverter that was involved in Southern Florida's largest Ponzi fraud scheme. His consulting experience includes numerous telecommunications-related entities, a myriad of dot-coms, several printing companies, a residential home manufacturer, a bank, and a luxury resort, as well as various general contractors and retailers. Within the scope of Mr. Victor’s engagements, he has managed and been responsible for the sale of numerous debtors, including the debtor’s assets and/or its related interests. These include the sale of both public and private companies and range in scope from the sale of a debtor’s stock to the sale of its assets. Items sold have varied from business units and site locations, down to individual pieces of machinery and equipment. In the public sector, Mr. Victor has been involved with the sale of, Pacific Gateway Exchange, Inc., Calumet Industries, Inc., and Renaissance Cosmetics, Inc. In addition, Mr. Victor has managed the sale of such diverse interests as mortgage brokers, mortgage portfolios, candy manufacturers, plastic injection molders, chemical companies, and propane distributors. Mr. Victor's strengths include operations, management, financial analysis, budgeting, business valuations, marketing services, and resource management. His areas of expertise include telecommunications, manufacturing, real estate, and financial services.Mr. Victor received a Bachelor of Science degree in investment banking and real estate from the University of Illinois and a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Southern California.