Timothy Richison

In his role as Chief Financial Officer, Tim Richison has helped establish an effective partnership between CEA, government and the private sector. He has direct responsibility for all financial matters at CEA. Tim has been instrumental in the negotiation of billion dollar risk-transfer contracts, creating a new method for transferring CEA risk into the capital markets. As a result, he obtained a line of credit for over $700 million, securing $300 million in debt and obtaining a rating of A- (Excellent) for CEA from A.M. Best.Formerly, Tim was drafted as a loaned executive from USAA to the California Department of Insurance to assist the deputy insurance commissioner in establishing�CEA.� As part of�the original startup team, Tim helped develop the articles of governance, plan of operations, procedures and claims manuals, and other myriad documentation and details necessary to take the concept of the CEA into reality.�