Wayne Gomes

By trade Wayne’s a Software Engineer (University of Waterloo) and Grapevine6 is his 2nd startup. Wayne and his team of Co-founders (actually engineering college buddies) sold their first startup in 2008 and over the course of building two software companies they've learned a thing or two about connecting with customers. In fact Wayne turned into the “client relationship guy” during the first venture and his experience being an engineer and having to learn to build client relationships was a struggle that most entrepreneurs face in building their own businesses. Nowhere is that challenge more pronounced today than in the wealth sector. In this category, not only is there the ever-present challenge of building rapport and winning customers, but there is also a sea change in the form of a generational transfer of wealth to younger clients that perceive the value of advisors differently and consume wealth products or services differently than their predecessors. Grapevine6 is a technology platform that was inspired to address these challenges by using artificial intelligence across 6000 publishers to find uniquely relevant content for both marketing departments and financial advisors to publish to their audiences. But distribution also benefits because the platform also surfaces HNW\/UHNW prospects by tracking money in motion events disclosed in the public media. In short it's HNW lead gen and utility driven content marketing all done compliantly on a phone in fewer than 10 swipes a week.\nBefore Co-founding Grapevine6 Wayne was previously CTO-Managing Director for Cundari Inc formerly Co-founder of Rich Internet Group (acquired by Cundari). He’s an avid fisherman, an outdoors enthusiast and more recently, a running junkie.